Is Profit the right measure for Making More & More Money?

1. Do you know any company that was referred to NCLT (National Company Law Tribunal) in India?

2. Why do companies become bankrupt?

3. Is it because these companies did not declare profits, or they ran out of cash?

Many organizations that are declaring significant profits can have severe financial issues if their cash availability is squeezed. Growth in sales, and even profits do not necessarily increase cash availability. In fact, often organizations end up in a cash squeeze in their attempt to increase sales and profits. No company gets closed because it is not making money. Instead it is forced to close when it runs out of cash! Enron, Kingfisher, Jet Airways, Bhushan Power and Steel, Alok Industries are some of the well-known organizations that were forced to close as they did not have adequate cash to fulfil their financial commitments, to vendors and employees.

Ravi Gilani is globally renowned as the foremost expert in cash constraint, and helps companies to improve their cash flow dramatically in a few weeks. Ravi introduced TOC (Theory of Constraints) to Indian companies in 1998. He is the only Indian citizen to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from TOCICO for his contribution to the industry.

Ravi has regularly shared his ground breaking knowledge of managing cash at the TOCICO International conferences since 2006. Ravi is also the pioneer and creator of several concepts such as Cash Velocity, Better than Before, Operational Free Cash Score (OFCS) – simple parameters that help people take the right decisions for corrective actions.

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Mr. Naveen Jindal

Chairman, Jindal Steel and Power (JSP)

“In the last 7 years, Jindal Steel and Power (JSP) faced insurmountable challenges, yet with your guidance, handholding, perseverance and methodology, we have been able to script one of the most memorable turnaround stories of Indian Inc. Your ability to ask the right questions, and align everyone to move together has been critical in our turnaround story.

Mr. Vishal Sanghavi

COO, Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited
“With your inputs, we have done a complete analysis of our operations i.e. throughput, operating expenses, inventory, and material ordering system. We modified our strategy to focus on the right parameters and are already seeing a vast improvement in Throughput and Cash Flow.”

Mr. C J Jassawala

Executive Director, Thomson Press

“When we started our engagement, we were clear on the objective “Cash is King”. Our greatest success was becoming a debt-free business, in February 2021. Through our weekly reviews, we set new benchmarks in several performance metrics over the year.”