Engagement Process

Step- 1

Introductory call or meeting (1 Hour)

Based on client’s enquiry and subsequent dialogue with us, we have an introductory call or meeting with the Promoter/ Owner/ CEO/ MD of the organization.

The objective of this dialogue is to understand the client’s pains, the scope and deliverables expected from a TOC engagement. We will also try to get a broad understanding of the key financial parameters.

There is no consulting fee for this call. Please write to us at info@goldrattbharat.in to schedule a call.


Diagnostic Study (1-2 weeks)

After a preliminary understanding of the organization, we will need to conduct a detailed diagnostic study, that will involve the following:

  • Understanding the company’s organizational structure, products, and market segments
  • One-on-one interviews with the top management (key decision makers) to understand the key measurements and their current and target levels
  • Analysis of last 3 years’ performance in terms of operational and financial parameters
  • Understanding the current pains or challenges faced by the organization
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Step- 3

TOC Education, Weekly Scorecard Preparation and Review Process (10 – 12 weeks)

At the commencement of the project, we will need to train the top team on the basic principles of TOC and its applications. Many of these concepts challenge the conventional management paradigms, it is imperative that the CEO/ MD and all functional heads undergo the initial training programs.

Towards the end of each session, we will agree on certain actions. Most often, these will not be initiating new actions, rather, they will be about stopping current harmful practices. We will proceed further only if there is consensus from the team on these.

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TOC Implementation and weekly review process (12-24 months)

Weekly reviews have been the cornerstone of all our engagements over the last 21 years. Companies have been able to achieve quantum improvement in performance, just by changing a few metrics and review processes.

Companies usually review performance monthly. This leads to a significant time lag in getting key data. We recommend a weekly review mechanism with focus on 3-5 key metrics. The weekly report should be simple and accurate, leaving no room for analysis paralysis, and facilitate effective decision-making.

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