About Us

Goldratt Bharat is a management consulting firm that collaborates with clients to increase their cash, profit and sales, by an order of magnitude that is conventionally considered unachievable. Together, we are able to achieve sustainable bottom line results in a short period of time through the application of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Ravi Gilani introduced TOC to Indian companies in 1998. He is the only Indian to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from TOCICO for his contribution to the industry.

Goldratt Bharat helps its clients to grow both top line and bottom line significantly through TOC. Apart from significant growth in top line (atleast 25%) and bottom line (atleast double), clients have also achieved some or all of the following:

  • Clients have been able to improve their OTIF performance from less than 10% to over 95%
  • Reduction in lead-time by a factor of 2 to 6.
  • Reduction in Inventory by 30%-50% with the same sales
  • Reduction in receivables by 20%-30%

Mr. Gaurav Swarup, MD, Paharpur Cooling Towers talks about their TOC journey with Goldratt Bharat, and how it helped them turnaround their flexi packaging business.

Through our weekly review process, clients achieve breakthrough results in a short period of time, and are also able to sustain and improve continually.

Companies usually review performance monthly. This leads to a significant time lag in getting key data. We recommend a weekly review mechanism with focus on 3-5 key metrics. The weekly report should be simple and accurate, leaving no room for analysis paralysis, and facilitate effective decision-making.

  1. Monitor plan vs. actual every week: The more our planning improves, the gap between plan vs. actual reduces
  2. Better than Before: Each week, strive to improve upon past 13 week moving average, irrespective of the external environment
  3. Setting Targets: Plan for each week should be above 13 week moving average

Weekly reviews have been the cornerstone of all our engagements over the last 21 years. Companies have been able to achieve quantum improvement in performance, just by changing a few metrics and review processes.

About Our Engagement Process