Managing Cash Flow During Uncertain Times

These are unprecedented times, leaders need to have clear priorities, keep an unrelenting focus on cash flow and nurture long term relationships. An understanding of cash flow, the factors impacting cash to cash cycle time, and using the right metrics for decision making will be extremely critical in the days to come.

At Goldratt Bharat, we have been working with Indian companies for over twenty years to improve cash flow by an order of magnitude with the help of TOC principles. In an exclusive webinar on Managing Cash Flow, Ravi Gilani, Founder and Managing Consultant, Goldratt Bharat shared some practical measures that companies can take to improve their cash flow.

Short Clip: Actions to improve free cash flow

More than 50% of the organizations in the world have a constraint in cash currently. The rest of the companies may also end up in a constraint in the near term.

Short Clip: “What not to do” in case of a cash constraint

Recordings of the full webinars are available for viewing.

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